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"Wild" stone Polygonal

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Slab for lining and paving of garden paths

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Andesite straight gray-brown Polygonal
Product code 1938
6,67 $/sq.m.
Rock: Andesite

Stone thickness: 2 cm, 3 cm.

Andesite "Wild" stone is always a good choice for cladding and paving. It is quite durable and stable and can withstand the load. The classic gray-brown gamma will greatly emphasize the surrounding elements.
andesite facing stone andesite wild stone
Andesite textured gray-brown Polygonal
Product code 1702
5,6 $/sq.m.
Rock: Andesite

Stone thickness: 3 cm.

Species of magmatic origin. Very durable, withstand large loads. Resistant to atmospheric influences.
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Bright sandstone "Podilsky" Polygonal
Product code 1939
10,4 $/sq.m.
Rock: Sandstone

Thickness of a stone: 1-3 cm, 4-8 cm.

Has a yellow, white, lush tint. Pastel shades of this stone make it a good material for decorative lining. Also, the stone is suitable for paving decorative garden paths.
quartzite facing stone decorative facing stone wild facing stone
Quartzite KR straight "Gold" Polygonal
Product code 2463
9 $/sq.m.
Rock: Quartzite

Stone thickness: 2-4 cm

"Wild" stone from this quartzite has a very interesting feature to sparkle gold in the sun. Such material will be a good choice, both for facing and for paving decorative garden paths. The material is strong enough and can withstand a serious load.
bright facing stone stones for garden
Tremolite textured Polygonal
Product code 1631
8 $/sq.m.
Rock: Tremolite

Stone thickness: 2-3 cm.

The texture tremolite has a very delicate shade of ivory. This material is ideal for decorative lining. The relief stone texture creates a unique natural pattern on the accentuated surface.
facing sandstone
Green sandstone "Dnipro" 1 sort Polygonal
Product code 2333
11,67 $/sq.m.
Rock: sandstone

Thickness: 1 cm, 1.5 cm, 2 cm, 3 cm, 4 cm, 5 cm.

It has an absolutely flat surface. Manual calibrated in thickness. It is used both for finishing facades, and for garden paths. One of the features of the stone is a broad, not slippery surface.
It is recommended to wash the stone before laying.
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Brown sandstone "Dnipro" Polygonal
Product code 0091
10,42 $/sq.m.
Species: sandstone

Thickness: 1-2 cm, 3-4 cm.

The stone is manually sorted and calibrated in thickness. Has a steady brown color with reddish divorces. Used for decoration, as well as for masonry of garden paths and sidewalks.
bulgarian facing stone buy a facing stone slate facing stone
Bulgarian slate "Gold" Polygonal
Product code 2213
20,80 $/sq.m.
Rock: Slate
Origin: Bulgaria

Thickness: 1-2 cm, 3 cm, 4 cm.

Used for decoration and lining of walls and tracks. Has a unique shade. On the sun blink with gold.
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Sandstone "Yellow" straight Polygonal
Product code 2306
8 $/ton
Rock: sandstone

Thickness: 1-2 cm, 3-4 cm.

Uniform yellow color of the stone is good for the surrounding greenery. Sandstone can be used both for garden paths, and for the facing of socle buildings.
red facing stone facing stone
Sandstone "Red" straight Polygonal
Product code 2632
8 $/sq.m.
Rock: sandstone

Thickness: 1-2 cm

The red "wild" sandstone will be an excellent solution for garden paths, as its color gamut resembles the colors of the great canyon, and it is beautifully allocated to the background of greenery.
Facing stone textured yellow facing stone
Sandstone "Yellow" textured Polygonal
Product code 1684
6 $/sq.m.
Rock: sandstone

Thickness: 3-3.5 cm

The texture slab is always a great solution for facing the basements, cellars, fences. Its natural texture creates a simulation of the natural stone surface. The stone changes the tint depending on the lighting. Even during the day, under varying inclination of sunlight, it looks different.
red facing stone facing stone wholesale
Sandstone "Red" textured Polygonal
Product code 1668
6 $/sq.m.
Rock: sandstone

Thickness: 3-3.5 cm

The red texture slab will become a worthy choice for the facing of the basements of the premises and underground. An interesting wild texture and rich color of the stone will make the lined surface as vibrant and natural as possible.

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