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Stone stories

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Alpine style in landscape design

кам'яний сад
The garden is an interesting and in turn a complex system.

Any style of landscape design is not just that, but designed to combine certain elements to maintain the life of this system.
In the first place - the number and type of things according to the location zone. Today, we will talk about landscape design in the style of the Swiss Alps on the example of the botanical garden in Oslo.
Specialists in the field of landscape have studied the nature of the mountain range and near areas in a completely different way to reproduce a similar climate.
Firstly, it is a trio of flora. Herbs, shrubs and trees that come to life on rocky places.
Secondly, there are two kinds of stones. Both should be dark in color and therefore monochrome in order to transmit the atmosphere of the rock mass as much as possible.
Thirdly - imitation of small hills, streams laconically surrounded by selected stones and plants.
Be creative and create your unbeatable beauty!

"Build your castle!"

Top 10 most popular crumbs

мармурова крихта
Our managers have collected top 10 names of crumbs. It is ideally suited as a base for industrial flooring and as a decorative element in a pinch.

Let's start the review
1. Thassos is a snow-white perfect. For lovers of pure and saturated silver-white.

2. Raspberry quartzite - the elegance of pink. Suitable for interior decoration of the premises, because it has a pleasant warm shade.

3. Marble Cream - Pastel Symphony. Successfully emphasizes contrasts of other colors and can serve as a basic element.

4. Porfit - interesting streaks. If you want to create accents on certain surfaces.

5. Zeolite - jade velvet. Delicate shade + antiseptic properties = perfect bathroom.

6. Pokostovka - spotted jacket. Worth to think about, because noble graphite prints will fit well into the kitchen.

7. Marble gray - a luxurious highlight. Ukrainian marble - a unique proposition that will complement the interior with its natural charm.

8. Mix - a creative combination. To add new interesting notes to the usual design concept.

9. Slate light - crystalline purity. The advantage of this product is a high degree of hardness, which speaks of long service life.

10. Red sandstone - warmth of the sun. Such a crumb will fit into a guest or hall, where it is important to maintain an optimum level of humidity

Raspberry quartzite in the bath - a stone for the soul and body

галька кварцит
Коли Ви закладаєте камінь до жаровні в сауні чи бані перш за все звертаєте увагу на кінцевий вигляд. Важливою є і якість виконаної роботи, і концепція стилю, і виконання провідних функцій. Є декілька параметрів, з якими легко сформувати попередні моменти.

➡️ 1. Оптимальна кількість каменю для сауни, яка становить 1:50 по відношенню до загального обсягу парної. При такій кількості жаровня буде прогрівати приміщення рівномірно та швидко.

➡️ 2. Рекомендовані розміри каменю - 70-150 мм, в такому випадку нагрівання і тепловіддача будуть відбуватись набагато ефективніше.

➡️ 3. При виборі малинового кварциту Ви отримаєте кілька особливостей, з якими лазня чи сауна перетвориться на куточок релаксу:

- приємний колір (ніжний малиновий відтінок гарно виглядає з жаровнями, в яку вмонтована підсвітка) відпочинок для очей гарантовано;
- під час нагрівання відсутні звуки потріскування, що підсилить ступінь розслабленості;
- нейтральний аромат в момент розбрискування гарячої води для утворення пари.

Якщо описати стисло: естетика, доступна ціна, нейтральність.

"Побудуйте свій замок"

Наскільки часто потрібно міняти камінь для жаровні?

камінь для жаровні
To make a stone in a bath or a sauna, you are well served, it is necessary to care for a particular method. The service life depends on the intensity of use and the temperature of the water from which the steam is then formed.

1. Regular examination of the stone.
Once in 3-4 months, it is necessary to wash the stone from a dirt and a plaque from aromomassel and allow to dry out in fresh air.

2. Replacing the stone.
Matches the date of washing, then you will see all the defects (from cracking, cracking) and fill the new portion.

3. Special care.
After you harden the stone with cold water. In the future, the use of fire-hearth masters advised to use warm water more than 80 degrees, so that there were no large differences in temperature.
Thus, the average life span of stone for roasting is 3-4 months, but
with the above rules, the stone will serve you longer and less crack.

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Stone rating for the bath

Камінь для сауни
1 Zhadeet

Beautiful, durable, semi-precious stone for bath furnaces with a unique set of healing properties. This stone was given the name of the French mineralogist A. Demura, in 1863. There is a jadeite with a range of shades from yellow to green to emerald. Often there are stones with white, red, blue, and purple intersperses. It is known that it retains heat for a long time and is a source of infrared radiation. During research, the ability to ionize the air has been detected.
Therapeutic properties: ⤵
- heals the disorder of the nervous system,
- normalizes the work of the heart,
- normalizes blood pressure,
- promotes rapid recovery after fractures,
- relieves pain in the joints.
The average cost is about 800 - 1600 UAH. (10 kg packaging), the price is affected by the presence of processing (grinding).

2 Jade

It has a very high strength, comparable to steel. It's almost impossible to split a piece of jade. In ancient times, it was used to make tools and tools and later to decorate them.
Therapeutic properties: ⤵
- increase of resistance to stressful situations;
- stability of blood pressure;
- improvement of work of the gastrointestinal tract;
- improvement of the functioning of the kidneys and urinary tract;
- removal of the body of slags and toxins;
- improvement of metabolism, acceleration of metabolism by 10-15%;
- increase of tone and elasticity of the skin;
- Improvement of the musculoskeletal system.
The average cost is about 1200 - 1500 UAH.

3 Talcchloride

Special studies have shown that thermal radiation only chloride and humans coincide and is 8-9 microns. Radiation of heated rock stimulates the development of vitamin D in the human body. And vitamin D is needed to strengthen bone tissue and human immunity.
Therapeutic properties: ⤵
- promotes the treatment of colds and respiratory diseases.
The average cost varies from 300 to 400 UAH. (1 pack 20 kg)

4 Raspberry Quartzite

It is very difficult to be machined, because it has very high hardness. 90% of quartz gives a stone a number of useful properties.
Therapeutic properties: ⤵
- clears the airways,
- ionizing air
- relieves nervous tension
- raises mental activity.
The average cost is about 70 - 120 UAH. (10 kg packaging)

5 Dunit

It does not crack and does not collapse under the influence of high temperatures with large fluctuations. Dunit is able to withstand temperatures up to 17,000 ° C. The stone quickly heats up and evenly gives the heat. The structure of the dunite does not include harmful substances. Also, this stone has radiation safety, which is confirmed by laboratory tests. Dunit more than 80% consists of a substance called olivine. Olivine contributes to the improvement of the nervous system and improves immunity.
Therapeutic properties: ⤵
- treatment of eye and spine diseases,
- prophylaxis of colds
- normalizes the cardiovascular system,
- lowers blood pressure.
The average cost is about 120 - 150 UAH. (20 kg packaging)

"Build your castle"

Use of raspberry quartzite in a bath.

камень для бани
In the photo, example, the work of the master of stone matter Alexander Nakonechny, pay attention to how skillfully made a stove-stove (roaster), where the crimson silica is covered.

Quartzite is very difficult to be machined, because it has a very high hardness, making it the leader among such stone rocks for the sauna. During heating, it does not crack and does not emit any odors, because its melting point is more than 1500 degrees Celsius. And this stone is available at a price that makes it the leader among other product offers.
Therefore, if you have more than once thought about choosing a stone in a sauna for a stove-stove, then you can safely choose quartzite.

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Peach Quartzite - a fresh breath in landscape design

галька кварцит
Do not know how to allocate your house among the neighbors?

A decorative element that will definitely create a special atmosphere.

Quartz pebble is reliable and has a natural unique color. For landscape design, the stone of peach tint is perfectly matched with a fraction of 20-40 mm.

Buy right now and save up to spring prices.

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Choose a stone in the bath

камень для бани купить
Do you choose a stone for roasting in the bath?

Get a list of required features!

The first requirement is durability, because at a temperature difference (when water is poured into it) the stone may crack or split into several parts. Next, it is important that the process of heat and heat accumulation are uniform and without unnecessary aromatic features.
Lack of foreign smells automatically increases the quality and efficiency of the resulting pair.

Now the queue for preparation.

1. Check for cracks and other defects, then stand the stone in water with low content of salt for one hour. Then rinse and dry at room temperature.

2. At first, it is necessary to make a hardening before laying, namely - slow heating before the appearance of redness and watering with cold water, and those stones that have cracked should be cleaned.

3. When laying a stone in a stove-stove is not necessary
follow the following scheme - lower the bottom of the largest, and the top is already the smallest.

4. Regularly check the stone for the appearance of defects and
replace them in new ones in a timely manner.

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Japanese style in landscape design

камень для ландшафта
A special oriental design, with flexibility and precision above all else.

The Japanese style in the landscape is distinguished by an impeccable combination of color and concise shapes. This is a minimalist-decorative silence in which space has a calm and distinct structure.

The Japanese have a special attitude to nature, because the borrowed colors are so easy to visual perception, which gives a special atmosphere of rest and relaxation. Pastel shades are characteristic not only for furniture, but also for garden attributes.

When choosing a stone for garden design in a Japanese style, pay attention to light shades and smooth shapes with a smooth matte surface. Such material qualities are due to its ability to visually expand a small area.

Build your castle!

How to pick up your stone?

натуральный камень
The choice of stone is directly related to your character.

Even if it is a decorative stone near an artificial fireplace, which creates a warm atmosphere and a sense of security, where it will play its key role. Starting from the color and ending with the texture that completely expresses your vision of the home, namely, as a secure fortress.

Next, we will examine the criteria for choosing a stone that will allow you to implement the desired in life.

1. The main characteristic, if the material is fragile, then apply it only for aesthetic purposes with minimal physical contact. The strength of the stone is the main feature, which is the direction of application of the material. According to the type of designs your stone master will tell you what it is expedient, so we recommend that you choose this person very carefully.

2. Textual and color features, individually depending on the general style or concept, but sometimes some interior is useful to dilute something non-standard to bring fresh notes.

3. Special rocks for certain establishments, for example, during the construction / repair of baths or saunas. It will become useful in a stone with a homogeneous structure, which, when heated or cooled, does not crack, it can be said about "raspberry quartzite". It is usually used as a heating element to maintain a certain temperature and when in contact with water a standard wet steam is formed.

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Dolomite - reliable, exclusive, Ukrainian

галька купить
When it comes to a solid and interesting stone, and you are still looking for a favorite ...

Pay attention to the pebble Dolomite - a combination of jade and blue shades. A very characteristic color gamut and soft corners in Japanese style.

I want an experienced samurai to leave a few national hieroglyphics for good luck. The stone looks so calm, that you want to think about your own, and then close your eyes and do meditation.

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Red Ukrainian marble

мраморная галька
The color of our country can be expressed through national culinary, folk style, embroidery, generous and amusing character and through the unique nature. Just think about how unusual minerals are rich in Ukrainian land.

Enough to look at the red marble, which for some reason so warmly becomes a soul. So skillfully picked up colors and patterns. The red and cream spots successfully contrast with the greenery of the garden. Gray-green and blue-create for the flowers a unique and delicate veil of the mountain symphony.

The true atmosphere of unity with the beauty of nature!
Build your castle!

Cream marble is a landscape favorite

мраморная галька купить
Marble is a granular rock of metamorphic origin. Pressure fulfilled its work for all 100%, because the perfect smoothness of the stone, yet its merit.

Pay attention to the colors:
- white marble gives a clear glow of the summer sun;
- creamy notes resemble a caramel web, which left a small layer of sand or yellow clay;
- sometimes gray and brown admixtures are noticeable, thanks to which a contrasting landscape from artificially rolled Ukrainian pebbles is created.

A pebble of cream marble will complement your landscape design with its ease and elegance.
A delicate palette of pastel colors shades with saturated green plants and flowers that are even brighter on the background of the stone.

Build your castle!

Red marble from Greece

греческая галька купить
Dear followers, we have fresh novelties for your interesting ideas!

Marble pebbles have always been distinguished by their versatility of application and the strange pattern and color palette. Just look at the photo - red and blue intersperses transmit the character of shades, and white veins reflect the heat and sun rays from Greece.

The stone has the memory of past years, when the Greeks sat on the beach enjoying fragrant bread with olive oil and drinking sweet wine followed the sun behind the horizon.
And to you also the atmosphere has inspired the salty scent of the sea breeze?

Build your castle!

Why choose the natural stone?

камень купить
Are there analogs for replacing a natural stone?

The question that causes to think not only craftsmen, but also ordinary people who plan to repair or build. Today, for the replacement of natural stone, there are already analogues whose appearance, almost does not differ from the natural. The choice will affect both the price and the properties of the stone, it will be artificial or genuine to choose for you.

We propose to arrange a small liquebus on the subject of their comparison. If you needed a facing stone for external or internal work, its main task is to protect against cold, water and strengthening walls or certain structures. We recommend before choosing a cheap and standard analogue, or more expensive and more beautiful, but still artificial, pay attention to the lifetime and composition of the base (concrete raw materials with specific fixers and dyes). Definitely there will be various groups of chemical compounds, which quickly collapse and react with the environment. Very soon there will be cracks, splinters, and also the color will "grind" from moisture and ultraviolet light.

And now consider the real stone, which is created naturally and has resistance to atmospheric factors. In the process of facing the foundation with a "natural stone" of igneous origin, you will receive not only a powerful tool for the improvement of your home, but also unique color patterns. Moreover, the price for it is not so high in comparison with artificial, but the big difference in the term of service - a priceless gift from nature.

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Natural stone in architecture

купить камень
If we consider the culture of a particular society in a particular era, then the first thing we pay attention to is a system of basic moral, aesthetic, political, and primitive values, that is, mentality. In the history of the formation of cultures there are a number of features, namely the accumulation of values horizontally and vertically.

The first direction (vertical) characterizes the transfer of culture and traditions from one generation to another. Hence all common rules of norms and behavior, as in everyday life, and on holidays, for example, ceremonial actions proceed. The second direction (horizontal) is an art and creative achievements. We are talking about material objects, through which we are sent messages from the past about those or other mood and historical events.

When the horizontal and vertical lines are "comrades," it immediately becomes noticeable, because such a society has a clear and conscious system of culture, which is a symbol of one or another nationality. Consider this on an example of architecture. Each of the prominent architects of his time built a lot of buildings, thus expressing his passion for creating a new one. Therefore, all historic buildings have a certain amount of power and energy. Accordingly, the fortresses were built in relation to the nature of the country's military strategy. Similarly, structures of public purpose were designed according to religious and spiritual beliefs.

When choosing a building stone, architects relied on knowledge of predecessors, but did not do without their own new experiments. Materials over time were subjected to various influences, to determine the final characteristics, which in the future will affect the strength and aesthetics. Rose stones like pebbles and sandstones were appropriate in the construction of baths, swimming pools, gardens, etc., precisely because of their fearlessness in front of the water. But stone of rocks has always been used for masonry and fortification, because of its resistance to temperature fluctuations and strong winds.

It can be argued that without the experience of past generations there would be no current technologies and opportunities for their improvement. Moreover, by multiplying the culture of your people, you not only leave your own trace in history, but perhaps you can help someone to create something extraordinary!

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Ukrainian stone is an inheritance of generations

натуральный камень в украине
The architecture of Ukraine is a lot of interesting monuments, they are proud of them and they were the epicenter of historical events. Their design and construction in all corners of the country was different, however, there is something that unites them - it's a stone. It is the stone that is the foundation that preserved the great heritage of the people. This natural material was the first fossil, which is still indifferent to all atmospheric influences. What to say, even during a fire, the stone remains almost intact. Moreover, most buildings have not been destroyed, neither wars nor other political upheavals.

You can distinguish certain architectural styles that have created a peculiar atmosphere. All historical buildings of our region - are examples of neoclassicism, baroque, neo-Gothic, modern, harmoniously passed the sacred purpose of memorials. The art of creating for the descendants is an indicator of the level of culture and the desire to leave behind an indelible trace. In addition, the architecture itself of buildings with its underground passages reflects all the creativity and eccentricity of the Ukrainian people.

Take for example the Khotyn Fortress, which has long attracted the attention of researchers, travelers and simple amateurs of antiquity. Designing a fortress has a lot of secrets and tricks that have been borrowed from other countries and somewhat modified. Starting with the choice of a stone taking into account the climate and ending with the peculiarities of the geography of the area.

In addition to light moments, the fortress has repeatedly experienced periods of decline and oblivion. About it, it only strengthened the position of the memorial, because after experiencing significant events Khotin and now has a significant significance for Ukraine and world history. Scientists have found that the name of the city Khotin - means "desired", "desired". In the Middle Ages, Hotin was known to Europe for its markets and fairs, which sold interesting household items and delicious food. It should also be added that the city has always played a strategically important role in international transit trade. While on the border of different states, Khotyn often passed from hand to hand, and this only contributed to the accumulation and increase of cultural heritage.

And it should be added that in 2007 the State Historical and Architectural Reserve "Khotyn Fortress" becomes the Nominee of the All-Ukrainian Action "Seven Wonders of Ukraine". And in 2011, Khotinskaya fortress became the winner of the All-Ukrainian action "Seven Wonders of Ukraine in the nomination: castles, forts, palaces".

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Natural stone - a unique building material

камінь для будівництва
Natural stone is the first useful fossil that our ancestors began to use, for example:
- silicon knives and sharpened tips on the spears;
- material for housing construction;
- mineral to improve the condition of plants.

It can be argued that stone is the very first material with which there was a successful dialogue between man and nature, and in those days the durable and durable tools were already valued. The fire was captured from the strikes of silicon halves, and the first improvised cuisine was a flat fired basalt on which further fired the plundered prey.

Times have passed and people have expanded the limits of the use of stone: they built fortresses, bridges, houses - which even the present generation is proud of. And for the person it was important to know that it would leave its imprint in history. In different epochs there was a different attitude to the preservation of the historical heritage, however, today, cultural heritage in the form of architecture of different times is invaluable monuments.

There are a number of buildings covered by the rules of the UNESCO Convention. It is a question of timely restoration and the prohibition of replacing windows on metal-plastic, because the reason is to reduce the significance of the construction. Stone as a natural material, has its own unique texture, which has the ability to absorb energy from space. He, we can say, preserves those specific vibrations from the air and thus reflects the atmosphere of a certain mood. That's why it's so nice to walk around the streets of historic areas of European cities, especially in Paris or Verona. Remember a few romantic works of the Renaissance period, which there are sensual love moments ... And that's all thanks to the support and enhancement of the cultural heritage of the world.

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Energy of stone

купить бут
An interesting phrase is "power engineering", but since we are dealing with it, it's time to sort out.

Stone remembers the birth of life on earth hundreds of millions of years ago, it has endured many different atmospheric factors. Sometimes we encounter some stone remnants or reminders about that time. The formation was influenced by pressure, and water, and air, and glaciers, with mobile tectonic plates and the displacement of lava, magma with other breeds. Which squeezed and mixed the trees, animals, soil and as a result obtained a lot of minerals and stones.

These factors contributed to the completion of the process of decay of substances, in other words - the stone is the ultimate form of natural matter. And this means that it preserved the pristine silence and purity of the flora and fauna of that period. And when choosing a stone for a garden or a home, we advise you to rely on his own feelings, which he passes on. After all, your home comfort depends on the materials from which it is composed. You may have noticed more than once when you came to some cafe, where the concept of style is associated with a stone and a tree.

Everything is very simple!

In such establishments, visitors are more likely to experience positive emotions, and natural objects of the interior accumulate good energy, which affects the overall atmosphere in the room. The topic of eco-style is not just so in fashion. This was facilitated by the intensive urbanization of towns in the metropolis, which is very tired of human consciousness and real holidays can only be obtained by contacting nature. We advise you to choose more often in parks and squares, and at home to surround yourself with the gifts of our green planet.

When buying a stone you can ask what he has a story about? How old is he? From what organic or mineral substances it consists of? And by answering these questions, having the information on the meaning and essence of the stone, you emphasize your special idea.
Build your castle!

Top 3 questions to the manager

окаменевшее дерево
Will the stone fly away? This question sounds when choosing tiles or straws for facing facades or interior work.

The answer is simple - check the professionalism of the wizard and also with what materials he works.
The tile can fly away in a few cases:
weak base was not strengthened;

The chosen glutinous mixture does not complement the properties of the stone;
the stone was not prepared - washed from clay or soil and dried.

What to fill seams during laying?
To do this, there are special solutions with similar properties of stone, under the color of stone, transparent, silicone.

Will the stone be burned out from the sun? If a coating is made for brightness and gloss with a varnish or hydrofoil, then under the influence of sunlight the coating rises and a pale film is formed.
An alternative will either leave the stone in its natural state, or treat it with special impregnation. Its ability to penetrate a stone to a depth of 1 cm will give the surface a shine and burnout will slow down.

1. Will the white stone be yellow? Such words are spoken in the address of a landscape stone, for example, pebbles Thassos.
The reason for the color change is the presence of iron in the stone, which due to excessive moisture is the result of the appearance of yellow or ore spots. Therefore, we recommend that a light stone be placed on the sunny side with a minimum probability of contact with watering or drainage.

2. Will your dog rummage in the marble crumb, which is covered with a flower bed?
The answer is yes, because the smaller the decor in the garden, so it's easier and more fun to play with your pet. The output is simple - use a larger fraction.

3. What stone to choose for the highlighted tracks? In the presence of the base you can use the following names: andesite, sandstone, basalt, granite, that they should be at least 3 cm thick.
In the absence of a concrete base, a stone of the above-mentioned thickness is at least 5 cm and the listed types withstand most of the atmospheric influences because their structure is integral and homogeneous. Slate, quartzite and limestone may crumble and wash with water, so they are not recommended for use.

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How to care for a natural stone?

уход за камнем
Do I need to wash the stone?

The stone must definitely care for it to maintain its aesthetic appearance during its service. This applies both to interior and landscape.

What is included in the care system?

1. A stone that finishes the walls of the living room will be free of dust (dry or damp cloth, depending on the type of surface).

2. A tile in the kitchen near the apron may be contaminated with lobes of food during cooking, it will be appropriate to use light detergents (if it is polished marble or other stone covered with varnish).

3. Garden stone, for example, crumb, pebbles or decorative boulders, washed approximately once a year with ordinary water.

4. Garden sculptures and furniture with stone elements sometimes require specific cleaning. In some cases, sandpaper is required if the stain appears on a sandstone product that is not covered with varnish or other means.

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Marble floor

мраморная крошка
Marble floor ... Sounds great! Is this really unattainable?

Today, we want to share with you an interesting flooring technology using marble crumbs. This technology has been around for over a decade, and now its relevance comes back to the lives of ordinary people.

Modern masters fill such floors with the use of tinted concrete and marble crumb as a filler. Why the marble, are you asking? And he has a number of characteristics necessary for the use of this technology.

1. It is easy to polish and polish, which is the most important. It can be polished without damaging the fixing element of concrete. It can also be polished without using expensive diamond spray equipment.

2. It has incredible aesthetic qualities. Marble crumbs can be found in virtually any color and tint and are easy to pick up under the desired color of the floor. You can even make a snow-white fill with Thassos crumbs. Imagine such a palace?

3. Marble crumb in polished form shines and shimmers! And this is the most pleasant time for future owners of the premises. It looks just fabulous.

4. Pleasant price. Pour the floor on the basis of marble crumb turns out at times cheaper than to enclose the same tile. This applies to both material and work.

Do not postpone your welfare for tomorrow!

Build your castle!

Natural stone in the construction of bridges

бутовий камінь
For fans of films about the Middle Ages, where the main acting heroes were people with dragons, still intercepted a breath also from architecture. For example, we will take the construction of bridges. If you take a closer look at them, you can see an uncomplicated scheme of masonry of stone, where everyone seems to be in his place. And this is not uncommon, because in those days the foundation of all buildings had to be tough in order to stop during the raids not only the infantry, but perhaps also the charges of a catapult.

Architects during the construction of bridges rationally approached the load and certain ergonomics. This work is not only with the foundation, it also takes into account the influence of water, vegetation, animals. A special solution (cement) was made which interacted with some rocks of the stone and permanently fastened the structure.

The stone blocks were different in shape, about it, it was only in favor. Each block was embedded in a special algorithm to support each other and as if they were locked into the grooves.

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Landscape zeolite

ландшафтний цеоліт
Landscape zeolite is not only a natural stone, but also a true assistant. When using this mineral as a natural and ecological fertilizer, the soil composition improves.

And you will return to the state of plants, which has significantly improved because of its disinfecting properties.

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Make special orders!

плитка облицовочная
Today, they sent a slab tile to the client "Bear blood" - this was a special order for processing.

If you need a special kind of stone, a fraction, size, order in us!

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The subtleties of the production process

купить плитку
Do you know how the workflow of the stone processing works?

In this work, we use metal discs with diamond spray, which allows you to cut a stone without cracks and chips.

Our craftsman carries a stone tile and straw cut for our customers. With the help of special equipment, where one of the important parts of the process is due to the flow of water.

It not only cools the metal disk from overheating, it also reduces friction, which in turn facilitates the cutting itself.

We can say that water almost in the literal sense of the word grind the stone.

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Zeolite tile

плитка цеолит
What to decorate the walls?

Zeolite will create a unique design and at the same time cleanse the air from bacteria. Its diverse color range with contrasting inclusions focuses on your attention and eye catching eyes. This natural mineral has a strange property to disinfect air and this has conquered many designers.

The ecological and beneficial effects of this stone have long been tested. An extra pleasure is its small weight, which makes it easier to calculate the load on the walls. A tile of zeolite will laconically decorate your "loft" or "apartment studio".

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Red sandstone tile

плитка теребовля
When choosing interesting interior solutions, we immediately try to imagine the end result. And this is important because you want to have a home or a room practically and stylishly. And here comes the moment of approval of the material and the way of facing the walls ...

A red sandstone tile will satisfy the desire for unusual natural patterns that can not be repeated. It can become a key element for designs in the Art Nouveau style.

Regarding the technical characteristics of the material: high thermal conductivity and moisture resistance, which means the excellent appearance of the walls with any indicators of internal humidity.

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