Natural running pebble

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Career pebbles of natural running

pebble wholesalenatural pebble
Brown pebble
Product code 2982
78.95 $/ton
Rock: A mixture of sedimentary and gravel rocks
Application: Drainage systems, decorative fillings, concrete filler, eco-roofs

Fractions in stock: 5-20, 20-60

Washed, naturally rolled up
Often used in landscaping of all types of reservoirs.
The smooth, streamlined shape of pebbles, its ability to evenly distribute the water flow, retain water and resistance to drainage, allows it to be used for laying drainage systems, and filling the gutters, which ensures even distribution of runoff and protects the territory from blurring and damage
gray pebblenatural pebble
Gray pebble
Product code 2981
78.95 $/ton
Species: River gravel
Application: Drainage systems, decorative drainage, all types of reservoirs, landscape design.

Fractions in stock: 5-10, 5-20, 20-60, 60-120

Naturally rolled up, artificially washed, calibrated
It is used to install all types of reservoirs, because its color gamut accurately repeats the scale of the mountain stream. Such a decorative element will profitable to diversify the greened area, and give it a sophistication.
Also, this type of pebble is used for stacking eco-roofs.
Phosphorite peablepebble wholesalethe nucleus for the gabions
Pebbles Phosphoric
Product code 0113
263.2 $/ton
Species: Phosphorite Mineral
Application: Gabions, landscape design.

Fractions in stock: 40-60, 60-100, 120-150, 200 and more

Washed, naturally rolled up
It combines well with any kind of stone and opens a wide area for creating colorful designer gabions.
Sea pebblesbuy black sea pebbles
Sea pebbles "Black Sea"
Product code 1647
Species: Marine gravel
Application: Decorative fillings and plaster

Faction: 10-60

Washed, naturally rolled up
Used decoration of walls, paving of tracks, sidewalks, arrangement of fountains, flowerbeds. In apartments and houses, using the sea shingle, often decorate separate zones on the walls, using it for the floor in the bathroom.
галька купитигалька мозаїчнагалька оптом
Pebbles "Mosaic"
Product code 0527
184.2 $/ton
Species: River gravel
Application: Decorative backfill, plaster walls, soil for aquariums, fillers for coarse filters, drainage for houseplants.

Fractions available: 1-3, 3-5, 3-8

Washed, naturally rolled
The method of plaster based on river pebbles is not complicated and ultimately creates a unique play of colors and textures. River mosaic pebbles are suitable for the basis of this method, as they have a wide range of colors and a good degree of running-in, so the pebbles will lie flat, tight and easy.
Mosaic pebbles are also used for soils in aquariums and terrariums.
галька купитигалька мозаїчна
Gneiss (stone bark)
Product code 0527
430 $/ton
Fractions: 11-32

Gneiss (or stone bark) is one of the most popular decorative stones. Due to its interesting texture and luster, gneiss is often used by designers in their projects. Its appearance resembles the bark of trees, however, unlike it, it retains its texture for decades.

Gneiss consists of feldspar, quartz, mica and colored minerals. It has pronounced parallel stripes and shine. Ideal for landscape design.

Gneiss can be used to lay out decorative paths, fill flowerbeds and trees, and simply make compositions from this stone of a larger fraction.


rolled boulderlarge pebbles buyboulder running buy
Boulder pebble
Product code 0020
105.26 $/ton
Species: A mixture of rocks in the glacial period.
Application: Gabioni, landscape design, strengthening of coastlines, laying of all types of reservoirs.

Fractions in stock: 100-150, 150-250, 250-450, 300-600, 600-1000, from 1000

Artificially washed, naturally rolled up, calibrated
Suitable for the design of artificial reservoirs, edging of tracks, laying stone compositions. The stone is naturally ripe with river water, very pleasant to the touch.
flat pebblerolled boulder
Flat boulder
Product code 1227
144.74 $/ton
Species: A mixture of rocks in the glacial period.
Application: Gabion, landscape design, coastal reinforcement, wall facing, layout of any types of reservoirs.

Fractions in stock: up to 100, 100-200, from 200

Washed, naturally rolled up
The shape of the pebble oval, smooth, pleasant to touch, formed by washing the waters of mountain rivers.
Smooth lines of flat pebbles will become an unbeatable addition to the decor of any area. The stone is suitable for the design of artificial reservoirs, and the strengthening of the shores. Along with water, he looks as natural as possible.

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