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Bout stone

Bout dolomite dark green
Product code 1639
92,5 $/cub.m.
The structure of natural stone dolomite allows you to do construction work of any complexity. Ideally, dolomite is suitable for rooms with high humidity (cellars for storing products, wine cellars)
Light-green dolomite bout
Product code 1639
74 $/cub.m.
Decorative stone for masonry. We recommend to use it for the construction of fences, underframes, cellars.
Red sandstone bout
Product code 1934
67 $/cub.m.
The sandstone has a rich red color that visually highlights it on the background of other stones, and allows you to use it when designing landscape design, decorating the garden and park.
Sandstone yellow
Product code 1250
67 $/cub.m.
The stone has a rich yellow-green hue. Sufficiently strong and withstand tangible load. The color scheme allows you to use it for decorative purposes.
Dolomite bout deep-blue
Product code 2375
52 $/cub.m.
The dark saturated blue color of this stone will be a great choice if you want to create an unusual, decorative fence. On the background of it are very well distinguished other elements of the landscape.
Quartzite bout
Product code 2375
92,5 cub.m.
The quartzite boot has a very interesting feature, it sparkles in the sun and shines with gold. Such boot will be a great choice for decorative masonry in sunny, open areas.
Snow-white murble bout Thassos
352 $/ton
Masonry stone from the snow-white, shiny marble Thassos is the choice of true connoisseurs of luxury. Any decorative elements using this stone, whether it will be a fence, a lined socle, or a lined podium, look a lot and majestic.
Tuff bout
Product code 2535
148 $/cub.m.
Tuff bout has impurities of zeolite, which gives it a gentle green color. Such a format is suitable for decorative masonry of fences, socles, cellars and underground.
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